Perhaps we’re heading for a new time. You may need to take charge, become … become King.

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In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it’s easier to think that you don’t.

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New stills of Sebastian Stan in Labyrinth

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Make me choose
pendragon-of-britain asked: Gilli or Daegal

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favorite screencaps: Arthur Pendragon

I should be more discerning, wise…a statesman, a king. Tristan’s right, there’s nothing special about me. I’m just like everyone else.
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Resident Evil 

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”It’s the growth of a girl into a woman. She’s being thrown into the deep end, to see if she can sink or swim, and she decides to do it her way. It was wonderful to see a character with such humble beginnings, and such low self-esteem, beginning to trust herself. So my feelings within filming it were echoed, in a much more dramatic way, obviously.” Emilia Clarke on her character

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red wedding: NOOOO

purple wedding: YOOOOO

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"You and I.. we're messy and complicated. But we're real."


This is why I ship Delena so hard.

They weren’t drawn to each other like the universe drew Katherine to Stefan, and Stefan to Elena.

They’re two people (well, vampires) who love each other despite how the universe works.

Damon wants Elena to be happy, and he thinks Stefan will make her happy.

It reminded me of the necklace scene in season 2.

"I love you, Elena. And it is because I love you, that I can’t be selfish with you. And it’s why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you. But my brother does.

God I wish you didn’t have to forget this. But you do.”

That’s the moment I knew I’d ship Delena. Because despite everything, Damon loves her. He’d do anything for her.

Sure he can do stupid things and Delena is messy, but they love each other.

Elena loves Damon too much to cut him out of her life. But Damon can’t stand being ‘friends’ with her when he’s in love with her.

If Delena isn’t endgame, tvd’s bullshit.

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[Mary] was intelligent, impulsive and harsh. And stubborn and a little bit arrogant.

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Oh no no no. Give me someone I like.

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"Courage, dear heart,"

C.S. Lewis
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